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Debut Concert at Universal CityWalk (Click)

Music Spotlight Performance

It was such a great time performing during the "Music Spotlight Series" at Universal CityWalk on the Five Towers stage! I was honored to share the stage with my brother, Arthur Galestian, who opened the show with a special dj set.

My debut concert at Universal CityWalk. Hope you all enjoyed the show!

Check out recap videos from my performance at the Five Towers stage, during the Music Spotlight Series at Universal CityWalk! You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel, and check out all my videos. Stay tuned!

Thank you all for cheering me on! What an amazing crowd. Love my fans!!!

After shows, I love spending as much time as I can with my fans. It is always so special to see so many faces, smiles, and meet everyone who took the time to come out and enjoy my music and performance. I love seeing photos because they leave everyone with fabulous memories of a wonderful night! Thank you again to everyone who continues to love and support my journey. I hope to meet many more of you soon. Sending love to everyone reading my notes! XoXo! ~Ellenie

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