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Featured on ESPN TV-Music (Click)

Catch Ellenie's new song, "I Like To Play" on ESPN!

TV, Radio Airplay, LA games, & Live Performance in San Diego

My song "I Like to Play" was featured in multiple LA games since the release! So cool to hear my tunes at the Staple Center in Los Angeles during the LA games. Thank you ESPN music for featuring me as a new EDM Pop artist. Let's make my song our new LA Anthem guys!

The Charger Girls performing to my song "I Like To Play" in San Diego!

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The San Diego Charger Girls rocking it out on the field to, "I Like To Play". The dancers also performed this routine at various events in San Diego! Checkout their routine below!

Such an honor! Thank you to the San Diego Charger Girls who performed a special dance routine to my song, "I Like To Play". Thank you for working so hard for your performance on the big field. Love this photo of you all!

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San Diego Charger girls after rehearsal for their big show, featuring my music! Thanks ladies!

Choreographer: Lizzy Richardson