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We Own The World- OUT NOW!

Ellenie's brand new song- Out October 12, 2017!

“We Own The World” – with Pistols & Pints (@pistolsandpints) OUT NOW!

An instant mood booster, "We Own The World" is an upbeat dance anthem that'll get your body moving in no time. Celebrate the rhythm of life. Everybody get up, stand up, we’re gonna party like we own the world!

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"We Own The World" is a song that sits extremely close to my heart. Like most people, I was devastated with the massacre that happened in Las Vegas. Growing up, Vegas has always played a huge role in my life – from dance competitions and performances to family vacations and weekend getaways. The spirit behind this song relates so much with what is happening, not just in the US, but also the rest of the world today. I hope this song connects with those who directly or indirectly experienced the recent Las Vegas tragedies.

I regularly speak to friends and acquaintances who witnessed these events first-hand, and I realize that time and love are the only two things that will help them heal. To me, this song represents hope, uniting together as a community, loving one another, and remembering that despite these tragedies, we can accept, learn from, and move on to enjoy life again, even if the process takes a while.

Through this song, I hope to inspire you to look at your own adversities in the eye, get up, stand up, and push forward again – stronger than ever before.